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Help After Birth

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Digitally serving:
New mothers in Singapore
Get fast, affordable, & evidence-based advice for all your questions after birth.


Breastfeeding & pumping

Poor latch, nipples hurt. You're worried about your breastmilk supply, or always getting clogged ducts. 


Helping baby sleep

Baby is crying inconsolably, or waking frequently at night. You're soothing baby, but nothing works!


Healing after birth

Something hurts/ itches, is it normal? You want to be there for baby, but your body seems so fragile. 


Emotional support

Your birth was traumatising, or you feel overwhelmed. You may have help, but somehow feel alone.

Postpartum support
Facing other issues?
Drop us a WhatsApp
and we'll see if we can help. 
How it works

You'll get a link to choose your support plan (by week/ by month)

Your postnatal assistant will send you a care intake form to understand your situation.

Your support begins: Ask your assistant any questions you have & get evidence-based solutions.

Don't do parenting alone

Digging through the internet for information, but don’t really know what applies to you?


Getting a million texts on social media groups & not sure what to believe?


Forgot everything in your antenatal course?


Newborn Baby
Evidence-based postnatal support

At Help After Birth, we believe that a mother is born together with her child.


As a mother helps her baby to learn about the world, our work is to help a mother navigate the world of mothering. 


Our postnatal assistants work with experts to bring you evidence-based solutions for common challenges mothers face in the early months after birth.

I'm a happy breastfeeding mother now thanks to Help After Birth, and unfortunately my friends can't say the same.

 Thanks to the team, my husband & I could support each other to make the first weeks with our newborn a positive experience.

I promise you this is the future of postnatal care. 

Sarah, first time mother of 1

Our payment plans
$45 / week
  • Chat support from 8am-8pm
  • We troubleshoot with you through text, pictures & videos
  • Free support for your partner
$150 / month
  • Chat support from 8am-8pm
  • We troubleshoot with you through text, pictures & videos
  • Free support for your partner
Why do we offer a weekly or monthly plan?
Traditionally, postnatal consultations (e.g. lactation, baby sleep consultations) are by appointment and last for about 1-1.5 hours. 

Studies among new mothers indicate that they meet continuous & daily challenges through the first 4-6 weeks after birth, and that they benefit from access to continued care during this period. 

In our own interviews among new mothers,
  • 82% of them indicated that their one-off lactation consultation did not help them to continue breastfeeding beyond 1 month, as they faced new challenges.
  • The high cost & tedious logistics of each consultation prevented them from seeking help more than once. 
This is why our mothers get continuous daily support.
Why do we offer consultations by chat?
Help is best exactly when you need it. With our chat support, you get solutions straight at your fingertips, not a few days later in a specialist's office (when baby may be asleep!). 

Chat support also gives you the privacy & comfort of interacting at your own time and in whatever state you are in (naked, even!).

We have found that most challenges our mothers have faced can be resolved through close guidance through our chat support. For the rare challenges that require in-person review (whether through video or an in-person visit), your parent assistant can help you arrange for an appointment with our network of experts.

This is why we get you help, fast.

Or let us know what area you need help with right now, and we can share with you some options:

What issues are you facing now?
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